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Mar. 15th, 2009 12:49 pm
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Feb. 9th, 2009 11:00 pm
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I guess I got really quiet over the weekend. I'm sorry, one of the curses wore me out and I was resting. But I'm all right now, so don't worry, okay?

How has everyone been? I hope everything wasn't too hard.

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Oct. 7th, 2008 08:18 pm
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Nakamura-san, thanks for remembering our waffle date today. It was nice and I had fun.

How is everyone? It seems like it's been a long time since I've been around on the network to talk to many people these days, I'm sorry. Is everyone doing all right?

[private to Kid//unhackable]

Can I talk to you?

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Aug. 17th, 2008 04:17 pm
I don't know why everyone's acting like this is anything new. It's just a curse, same as they've always been. I guess that would explain why Wolfwood-san's a kid right now. I should have known he couldn't help.

It took too long to clean that mess up last night. Guy-san, I may be late to training today, but I'll be there early next week to run to make up for it.

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Jul. 3rd, 2008 07:57 pm
Thank you to the people who were helping me yesterday, and Vash-san for fixing that dinner. Faye-san, your cheer was cute nice. I hope I wasn't trouble for anyone.

Looks like there's another big group of people arriving in the City this week. I hope none of them arrived in the curse yesterday. That would've been confusing today to see everyone grown up again...

...And Guy-san, you're not beating up Kid-kun when he comes back.

[filtered to Wolfwood//unhackable]

...What do you want to eat tonight? My treat.

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Jun. 23rd, 2008 11:56 pm
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Guy-san? I remember Kid-san said something a few weeks ago and it didn't make sense. Maybe you can help me understand it?

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Jun. 6th, 2008 05:26 pm
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Wow, there certainly are a lot of people showing up now, aren't there? I hope they're all settling in well.

Lilo-san? Did you ever find anyone to surf with you? Oh! Kid-san, I heard there was a pile of shoes over in the Square. Have you found yours yet? If you haven't, maybe it's in there? It wouldn't hurt to look.

Kyrie-san, thanks for letting me stay here with you all, but is there anything I can do around the place to help or something? Maybe cook dinner for the next few nights or help clean things up?

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May. 30th, 2008 05:43 pm
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I hope people will heed the warden's warning to stay careful and not go out alone. And I hope they can catch whoever is doing this. No more people should have to be hurt.

It was kind of nice seeing what my soul looks like the other day. I got to learn some things about myself. I don't think the journal problems were really that bad, either.

I saw a game the other day that I think I want to try! One of those measure-your-strength kind of games. Maybe I can win something!

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May. 20th, 2008 01:43 am
Everyone's back now! So everyone's okay and back in the real City, right? And no more of you got hurt? It was getting really bad there for a while! I wish I could have figured out how to get over there to help at least without him knowing anyway. But if everyone's back now, that's really good!

Wolfwood-niisan, are we still going to stay at Vash-san's? Or are we going back to our apartment?

Bossun-san? Are you sane okay now? We can still play shougi if you want. And, Kid-san, I'll meet you tomorrow around 2, okay? If it's not, just let me know! I don't have anything planned for tomorrow.

Guy-san ...I promise I won't miss practices again.

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May. 16th, 2008 08:15 pm
I didn't realize when I returned to the City earlier this week that I came back in the middle of a curse. It's been going on this whole time, from before I came back it looks like, too. I didn't think the Deities would have a curse go on like this... But people are starting to find their way back to the real City, so hopefully things can be over soon, right? I just hope everyone will be all right.

Conrad-san, how's your face? Is it still hurting from before? And, thanks, Livio-san for looking after me while I've been there. I think I'm going to go back to Wolfwood-niisan's my the other apartment for a while, though. I haven't even gotten to be there since I came back! I just want to see if some of my things are still there from before.

Who else is still in the mirror City? Are you all okay?

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Apr. 27th, 2008 07:57 pm
...Has anyone seen Wolfwood-niisan around? Or heard from him?


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Apr. 19th, 2008 10:15 pm
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Wow, the kids at the orphanage can really play rough sometimes.

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Apr. 18th, 2008 12:29 am
I'm really happy the results of that last curse weren't lasting. It was nice on the first day at least. I hadn't been on a ship that big before! But everyone's okay now, right? Guy-san? Kurogane-san and Kururu-san and everyone? I haven't gotten to hear from any of you, so I hope you're all right.

Vash-san, Wolfwood-niisan, what do you want for breakfast tomorrow? I'll cook this time. Cat, is there anything you want tomorrow? I'm going to get some things from the store.

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Apr. 13th, 2008 11:04 pm

Wow! This is a huge ship! Everything's so beautiful, too. I wonder what kind of curse this is supposed to be?

Hey, Wolfwood-niisan? Cat? Are you on the ship too? We should all see if we can find each other! But with how big this thing is, it might take a while...

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Mar. 30th, 2008 07:48 pm

...huh? [sound of cloth shifting and muffled grumblings before a long pause]

Where did he bring me? Hello?

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Mar. 24th, 2008 09:41 pm
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[a kind of heavy thud of something falling to the floor]

...Oops... I think I may have hit a little too hard.

It looks like Wolfwood-san's fallen over with exhaustion. I told him last night he needed to rest. I guess he won't be getting out until he wakes up. I should try to get him to his room.

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Mar. 24th, 2008 12:56 am
The blood's all gone now! It was gone last night, but Wolfwood-san took me to the zoo with Vash-san and Knives-san and Rem-san, so I didn't notice until I was cooking earlier. I had a lot of fun, and there were a lot of animals I'd never seen, even in Cephiro! I'm really glad I got to go.

But it looks like all the curses are over now. I hope everyone's okay, then. ...Ah, I remembered. I talked to a lot of people over the last few days but never got anyone's names. I hate that. Maybe if I talk to them again I can ask.

Cat, I remembered to get you some fresh fish, so I'll get some out for you in a bit.


Wolfwood-san. After we eat with Guy-san, you're resting.

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Mar. 19th, 2008 07:57 pm
It looks like this curse is giving a lot of people a hard time. But, it's only for a couple more hours, right? I'm sure things'll be okay by then. Though, I'm kind of glad this skipped over me...

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Mar. 16th, 2008 12:25 am
Wolfwood-san seems mad about a lot of things these days. I wonder if there's something I could do... Maybe I could fix a nice meal or something.

Bossun-san, I got the chocolates. Thank you! They're really nice. I hope everyone had a good White Day.

Kurogane-san ... I'm ready to train again, when you'll let me.


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