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[well look at that, City. In the middle of the night, Hikaru goes walking in her sleep. Just wandering the streets. She could be on your street, or maybe that one over there. The point is: there's a Hikaru sleepwalking near you. She's even got a sword in hand (still sheathed!) like she's ready to fight.

Do you:

(a) move out of the way
(b) try to wake her up
(c) do nothing]

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[ooc; Action spam, mainly for Kid since he volunteered, but for anyone else who happens to be on the beach? AND PRETEND THIS IS FORWARD-DATED TO TONIGHT.]

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Mar. 2nd, 2008 07:59 pm
[A girl appeared in the Square, on hands and knees crying, a red and black school uniform. It was Hikaru, returned from the world of Cephiro, but her return there hadn't been as happily ended as she had thought it would have. She had gotten to see Umi and Fuu again, and helped save that world, but... She looked down at her hands, blurred through her tears. With those hands she had done something terrible. She never wanted to do that. She didn't even understand why it had to come to that. But she had done it. Fuu and Umi had been there as well, in the mashin, but it was Hikaru's sword...

It took a few minutes for her to realize she was somewhere else, lifting her head to look around only to find herself in a place that wasn't Tokyo Tower, as she'd expected to be. A vague sense of familiarity nagged at the back of her mind; she had been here before. But when...?]

[ooc; Action spam for anyone in the Square who wants it. 8O]


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