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Nov. 22nd, 2009 01:31 am
[personal profile] lolijesus

I dreamt of that place again. All those other people. Umi and Fuu... I got to talk to Lantis and Eagle again.

...And Princess Emeraude and Zagato.

It was just a dream, but-- It was okay.

Focus, Hikaru. Protecting people here is more important.

It sounds like everyone's safe after that blackout. Mokona, thanks for helping us with those statues. It would've been a lot harder without you.

Umi, thank you for taking my box to where Lockon-san has the others. If anyone else wants to give theirs, I'll help get them.

That reminds me. Vivio-chan asked for volunteers to help people in the City. With no police force, there's no way to guarantee everyone's safety unless we all join together. I know there are a lot of other people who have power that think the same way. I remember Sakura-chan and Vivio-chan and I had something together during a curse; maybe we could put that together again? What do you both think?

Will anyone help us?

[ooc; she dreamed about the discedo 4th wall 8( and magical girl brigade is beginning! If you're a magical girl and want to make a difference, volunteer! 8D]
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