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Apr. 17th, 2009 02:07 pm
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[accidental video; public]

[the camera's shaky as it's jostled down to give a worm's eyeview of a bedroom: the light's a bit reddish, though not from any bulbs. Hikaru's standing on the other side of the room, her hands clenched into fists and looking like she's holding fire in her hands, the light coming from the flames. Is she mad? ... It's possible. Is she crying? Also highly likely. But she's down to her knees holding herself up on her hands, shaking.]

-ring them back. Bring them back.

Umi, why did you-- We're supposed to stay together. We're supposed to fight together! [she slams her fist into the floor; the camera shakes before it cuts out to static]

[ooc; It's been building up for a while now (several months orz and yes she does keep a very detailed list and photos of everyone in the Hall), and this, this, and this have pushed it to the top. She'll respond to comments when she realizes it posted. Just assume the responses are later? I'm kind of sickly right now so the responses may be delayed anyway fjaklsdf ENJOY THIS, IT'S THE ONE TIME YOU GET TO SEE HER MAD. idek orz /buries self in blankets]

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Nov. 28th, 2008 05:21 pm
At least that's over wtih. They're gone.

Yesterday was an American holiday, right? It seems like a nice one! And it was really great seeing everyone so grateful for everything.

But November's almost over which means it's almost Christmas! I hope everyone has someone they can celebrate with. I wonder if I could start decorating now? My family didn't get to decorate much back home, so I'd like to do everything I can here.

Hey, does anyone else celebrate the holidays here in the City?

[ooc; HMD is here. Going back to work my other shift, so I'll pick up tags when I get back. Just wanted to post this before it got too late. >:]


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