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Feb. 24th, 2010 11:13 pm
[personal profile] lolijesus

I wasn't supposed to leave them behind like that. It made them all worry and caused them a lot of trouble. I need to be more careful about how I leave things in case something like that happens again.

But it doesn't look like much has changed. The City is still the same, only more of us are coming here. ...It's so strange. Why are they all coming now? Why did the deities bring me here alone for so long before bringing Mokona and Umi? Was it to teach me something?

...February sixth. It's been over a year since then. They weren't there when I came back this time, but I can see the scars again now. Maybe the City is trying to teach me something. Whatever it is, it won't get in the way. I'll protect all of them, even if they don't understand. I won't let anything like that happen to them. I know I can. That man from the pumpkin patch is all right, so-- he was wrong. I can save them.

That reminds me...

This curse wasn't so bad. I'm glad it turned out like last time and there wasn't anything else happening with the letters. Umi, Fuu, Clef, all of yours came off right? What about everyone else's?

I'm glad nothing too bad's happened while I was gone. I heard the curses at the beginning of the month were mostly harmless too. But it looks like my spot got filled so-- I should try to find a new job. Does anyone know of a place that's hiring? My family runs a kendo dojo back home so I can teach and I was studying to be an animal trainer. I can use magic to control fire a little, if that helps.

And-- Presea, could I ask you something?

[ooc; She had "M". For masochist, martyr, manslaughter. Take your pick. :|]
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